Manulife Care Foundation 2016

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Manulife Care Foundation 2016 Actitivies

1. Manulife Indonesia and Manulife Indonesia Care Foundation Held “Pintar Uang” (Smart Money) writing competition at one of its supported school in Winongo, Yogyakarta.

Yogyakarta, 19 February 2016, After last year computer writing competition, this year Manulife Indonesia and Yayasan Manulife Peduli (Manulife Indonesia Care Foundation) enhance SDN Winongo student skill to present  writings about their simple financial day to day activity into a “Pintar Uang” writing competition.

8 (eight) winner from class 3 -  6 was chosen by YMP and handed over education fund
Each IDR 750.000, during the handover ceremony financial literacy story telling also given by Manulifers and agents. Total 10 pax employee and agent participated in the event


2. Manulife Indonesia and Manulife Indonesia Care foundation inaugurated one of its supported school building in Sukabumi, West Java.

Sukabumi, 25 February 2016, Manulife Indonesia and Manulife Indonesia Care foundation inaugurated the newly renovated school in Pondok Tisuk, Sukabumi, West Java. The renovation which started in Septermber 2015, is the second time after the first one in 2004 following the massive earthquake that struck the area. The renovation includes rebuilt of 3 (three) classrooms, adding one new classroom, new library, and health care room, and also rebuilding the headmaster and teachers room. Due to Manulife renovation, the school now can accommodate up to 200 students.


3. Manulife Care Foundation held fundraising for its supported schools in the Annual Award Night 2016.

Ritz Carlton ballroom, Pacific Place, Jakarta, March 7, 2016. Manulife Care Foundation held fundraising activity in the annual award night 2016, fund raised in this activity will be used for various Manulife Indonesia CSR activity which focused on financial literacy education in its five supported school in Banda Aceh, Sukabumi, and Yogyakarta. The Agency Annual Awards Night is an exclusive awarding event for Manulife best agents for their great achievements in 2015, more than 350 agents attended the event to received awards.


4. Kick off Youth Entrepreneurship Development Program.

Banda Aceh, March 28, 2016. Manulife Indonesia and Manulife Care foundation, collaborating with Putra Sampoerna Foundation, starts the Youth Entrepreneurship Development Program. The program which started in Banda Aceh will also be aiming for other cities in Indonesia for the future. The program is aligned with Manulife efforts in supporting Indonesian government in advancing financial literacy, because one of the important materials given in entrepreneurship is financial planning.


5. Yayasan Manulife Peduli held fundraising at Danamon Awards Night.


Ritz Carton Pacific Place ballroom, May 2nd 2016. Yayasan Manulife Peduli held a fundraising activity at the Danamon awards night 2016. Fund collected from the fundraising will be used to support Manulife supported schools at Banda Aceh, Sukabumi, and Yogyakarta.


6. Manulife Indonesia and PSF School Development Outreach Launch Youth Entrepreneurship Development Programme.


Jakarta, 23 May 2016 – Manulife Indonesia, through the Manulife Indonesia Care Foundation,  and PuteraSampoerna Foundation School Development Outreach (PSF-SDO), today announced the launch of the Youth Entrepreneurship Development Programme in Banda Aceh.

The 12-month programme, aimed at improving the entrepreneurship and financial skills of teachers and students.


7. Manulife Syariah talk show dan bazaar 2016.

Jakarta, 6 – 8 Juni 2016, YayasanManullifePedulidan Manulife Syariah unit held the Manulife Syariah Talk show and bazaar 2016, at the atrium Sampoerna Strategic Square, at 6 – 8 June 2016.

The three days financial literacy talk show topics varies from micro small medium enterprise based on Syariah, managing THR fund, up to financial planning for new family. In the bazaar Manulifers are also welcomed to open their MSME’s with the opportunity to donate to Yayasan Manulife Peduli. Also in the bazaar Pre-loved goods from Manulife management are sold which the fund is donated to DompetDhuafa.

 8. Manulifers Annual CSR activity to one of Yayasan Manulife Peduli supported school in Pondok Tisuk Sukabumi.

Sukabumi, August 15th 2016, as a form Yayasan Manulife Peduli commitment to one of its supported school in Pondok Tisuk, Sukabumi, more than 80 employee and agents come and participate to share financial literacy, and give education fund to good grades students. In this activity Yayasan Manulife Peduli also collaborated with BJB bank to provide mobile teller booth, and Pepsodent to provide health education tools.

9. Manulife Indonesia engage OJK financial literacy car SiMOLEK in seven high and vocational school in Pontianak.

Pontianak, 22 - 26 August 2016, Manulife Indonesia CSR pillar is financial literacy, along with that on August 22 – 26, 2016, Manulife Indonesia supports the OJK financial literacy car SiMOLEK program by giving financial literacy education using the OJK car to three high schools and four vocational schools in Pontianak, west Kalimantan. The activity which supported by Manulife employee and agents, more than 500 students get in depth knowledge about how to manage money wisely.

10. Manulifers in Banda Aceh participated in Manulife Youth Entrepreneurship Development Program.

Banda Aceh, August 24th 2016, Employee and agent from Manulife Banda Aceh participated in giving knowledge about insurance and about Manulife to 24 economic teachers from 12 high and vocational school who is attending the Youth Entrepreneurship Development Program. The program which is held by Manulife Indonesia and Putra Sampoerna Foundation get a very positive feedback from the attendants.

11. Manulife Indonesia donates all the clothes and property Jadi Andalan TV commercial and video series to Rumah Yatim Orphanage house.

Jakarta, September 15th 2016, after successfully create new Manulife Jadi Andalan TV commercial which already aired in almost all TV stations in Indonesia, Manulife Indonesia not forget to share with the least fortunate. All the clothes and shooting props from the TV commercial and video series is donated to Rumah Yatim orphanage house.

12. Yayasan Manulife Peduli held annual Blood Drive 2016.

Jakarta, November 14th 2016, This year Yayasan Manulife Peduli, collaborating with Sampoerna Land, and Grant Thornton, once again held annual Blood Drive 2016, the blood drive activity was located at The Atrium, Sampoerna Strategic Square, Jakarta. With this activity 304 blood bags from more than 500 participants were succeeded to be donated to the Indonesian Red Cross.

13. Manulife CSR Champion 2016.

Jakarta, November 15th 2016, As a form of appreciation and support from Manulife and Yayasan Manulife Peduli to its agents who is active in giving back to the community through Yayasan Manulife Peduli activities and or their own initiatives, Manulife awarded the CSR Champion Award to ten Manulife agents who is active in giving back to the community, the award was given directly by Manulife Indonesia CEO Mr. Indren Naidoo.