MiUltimate HealthCare (MiUHC)

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Your Health is Our Priority

Staying healthy is easy and inexpensive! It is 'easy' if you apply healthy diet on regular basis and it’s ‘inexpensive’ if you’re committed to maintaining your health since the earliest stages in life. Ironically, people tend to ignore these facts and realized how essential it is to stay healthy just when it becomes too late!

Did you know how much Critical Illness may cost you?
Critical Illness Care
Costs in 2013*
Costs in 2020**
Costs in 2025**
(5 days)
Early Diagnosis of Cancer70175337
(56 days)
Otak (60 days)

Units in millions Rupiah

(*) Manulife Data Claim
(**) Assumption based on 14% increase in medical cost per year, Tower Watson Data 2014

With an average of 14% increment in health care costs per year in Indonesia, you might soon find yourself asking, "Will my health insurance cover my various medical costs when I’m sick?”

Manulife understands how important your health is, and at the same time, we understand how expensive medical costs may be. For that, we present you a fresh, new solution: MiUltimate HealthCare – ahealth insurance products that provides Inpatient Hospital reimbursement benefits until the age of 80, as charged*!

*Refers to hospital medical bills from where a customer is being treated.

MiUltimate HealthCare Benefits

Health protection until insured reach age 80 or until dependent child reach age 25As charged health bill payment with annual limit, based on selected plan

3x Room benefits for selected plan (1) when Customer is treated outside Indonesia and Malaysia (applied worldwide except for United States of America)
Additional annual limit when the insured is subject to suffer critical illness such as cancer, heart attack, kidney failure or organ transplantation
A 5% premium discount when you include family members (family plan) in the program (2)

The 1st in Indonesia that offers new benefits such as :

  • Surgery or accident reconstruction due to mastectomy
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (optional)
  • Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Care (optional)
HIV / AIDS (3) BenefitsThe 1st in Indonesia to provide Health Program (MiHealth)(4)

(1) Diamond, Ruby, and Emerald plan only
(2) At least 3 family members Insured, discount applied to All premium
(3) Caused by certain job or blood transfusion
(4) The Program is subject to change at any time

Health Program MiHealth

MiHealth program will monitor your activities to improve health by continuing to learn about your physical conditions, your current fitness level and your future needs.

Garmin vívofit® device that attached to MiHealth program will assist you leaning toward a healthier lifestyle by monitoring various physical indicators for instance number of daily steps and mileage when you walk or run, BMI (Body Mass Index), caloric intake and sleep patterns.

You will synchronize Garmin vívofit® wirelessly or perform manual input steps in the MiHealth application.


Garmin vívofit® is a fitness activity monitoring tool that works by :

Monitoring Steps and Daily >MileageMonitoring Daily Calorie Intake
Monitoring Your Sleep PatternsMonitoring Body Mass Index

For detail info please visit www.MiHealth.co.id

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