MiJourney Protection

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People who fail to make a plan, actually were making plans to fail. MiJourney Protection helps us plan for a better future through a life protection, health and investment package, designed for every life stages : 

  • MiSelf (single)
  • MiLove (married)
  • MiFamily (married with young kids)
  • MiGeneration (married with grown up kids)
  • MiGolden Age (retired)

5 In addition to these package options, we can also choose a combination type of riders that fits to our specific needs and family.

MiJourney Protection five advantages for you, which are:

  1. Available in five benefits packages, each designed to match your life stage
  2. Comprehensive benefits with simplified underwriting process
  3. Life insurance coverage up to 99 years old
  4. Investment allocation from day one enabling immediate returns
  5. Investment bonus starting in year 6

You can extend the benefits of Assured by adding some Additional Insurance (rider) to your MiJourney Protection products :

  1. Manulife Medicare Plus (MMP) atau HealthSafe (HS)
    Is a rider program that provides inpatient reimbursement that caused by illness and accidents. With affordable premium and can be attached with cashless facility which is supported by hospital provider networks throughout Indonesia.
  2. Manulife Hospital Income (MHI)*
    Is a rider Program that provides benefits in the form of cash compensation if the insured Daily hospitalized due to illness or accident.
  3. Manulife Crisis Cover Protection (MCCP) 
    Is Is a rider program that provide protection when the insured diagnosed with any of from 50 critical illness until the insured reach the age of 75 years
  4. Waiver of Premium 65 (WP 65) 
    Benefit Exemption obligation to pay a basic premium if the insured is diagnosed by a physician suffering from one of the 49 critical illnesses
  5. Accidental Death and Disability Benefit (ADDB) 
    Is a rider program that provides protection for life or total permanent disability and partly caused by the accident. ADDB is yearly coverage that can be renewed without the re-underwriting until 70 years old.
  6. Manulife Income Replacement (MIR)
    Is a rider program that provides Monthly Benefit Payment option if the insured suffer Total Permanent Disability or dies.
  7. Yearly Renewable Term (YRT) 
    Is an additional coverage program that provides protection of life. This is a yearly coverage that can be renewed without the re-underwriting until the age of 64 years. This program can gives convenience for you because the payment of cost of insurance will be automatically deducted from investment funds (Fund Value) of your basic life insurance program.
*Only Available in MiJourney Protection.
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