Absolute solution for maximum protection and optimum investment.

Manulife Value Protector Absolute (MVP Absolute)

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We understand that in every stage of your life unexpected things can happen and disrupt your financial stability.

Manulife Value Protector Absolute is life insurance products linked with investment, present to solve your problem by providing complete protection benefits and ensure your future and protect your family from any possibility.

Manulife Value Protector Absolute provide absolute solution for all RISK OF LIFE to the fullest by providing maximum protection and Optimal Investment.

Manulife Value Protector Absolute benefits:

  • Manulife Value Protector Absolute helps you in planning your financial goals in the future by providing life insurance protection up to 99 years.
  • Provide assurance Polis remains active for the first 5 years Polis though fund value is not enough to pay the costs incurred (terms and conditions apply to MVP Absolute Policy)
  • Provide flexibility in determining the sum insured up to 150 times the basic premium, depending on the age and sex of the insured Log.
  • Flexibility in investing, can freely determine the amount of top up periodically to maximize investment returns.
  • Flexibility in choosing the appropriate combination Investment Fund financial capacity and risk profile.
  • Opportunity to expand Benefit Coverage.

You can extend the benefits of Assured by adding some Additional Insurance (Rider) to your Manulife Value Protector Absolute products:

  • Manulife Medicare Plus (MMP) or HealthSafe (HS)
    Is a rider program that provides inpatient reimbursement that caused by illness and accidents. With affordable premium and can be attached with cashless facility which is supported by hospital provider networks throughout Indonesia.
  • Payor Benefit Plus (PB)
    is a rider program that waives your Premium and Regular Top Up (if any) for your juvenile’s basic life insurance program if the premium payer dies or suffers total disability caused by illness or accident.
  • Waiver of Premium 65 (WP 65)
    Benefit Exemption obligation to pay a basic premium if the insured is diagnosed by a physician suffering from one of the 49 critical illnesses.
  • MiEarly Care  
    Additional Coverage Program that provides compensation when the insured suffers one of the 88 critical illnesses or Critical Condition from early stage until the insured reaches 85 years of age.
  • Manulife Crisis Cover Ultimate (MCCU) or Manulife Crisis Cover Protection (MCCP)
    Is a rider program that provide protection when the insured diagnosed with any of from 56 critical illness until the insured reach the age of 99 years (MCCU) or protection from 50 critical illness until the insured reach the age of 75 years (MCCP)
  • Accidental Death and Disability Benefit (ADDB)
    Is a rider program that provides protection for life or total permanent disability and partly caused by the accident. ADDB is yearly coverage that can be renewed without the re-underwriting until 70 years old.
  • Yearly Renewable Term (YRT)
    Is an additional coverage program that provides protection of life. This is a yearly coverage that can be renewed without the re-underwriting until the age of 64 years. This program can gives convenience for you because the payment of cost of insurance will be automatically deducted from investment funds (Fund Value) of your basic life insurance program.
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