Make your dreams and life quality stay protected.

Manulife Lifestyle Protector

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In each of your life stages, the potential of risk is still present despite your carefully concocted plan, which might bring great impact in changing the way and the quality of life that you and your family are leading in the future.

Have you prepared and protected your investment to ensure that you and your family can maintain the dream and the quality of life according to your plan?

Manulife Lifestyle Protector is the best solution in answering the above mentioned concerns since Manulife Lifestyle Protector is specifically designed to give absolute protection, while at the same time also make best use of your investment, so that you might achieve the dream and the life quality that you have envisioned for yourself and your family.

Manulife Lifestyle Protector holds 8 advantages for its customer, which are:

  • Protection up to the age of 70 years
  • Guarantee on Return of Premium
  • Guarantee on Policy Issuance for face amount up to IDR 1.25 billion
  • A wide selection of riders
  • A wide selection of investment funds
  • Optimal investment result
  • Loyalty bonus attached to the product
  • Tax-free investment after the third policy year

You may also expand your protection by attaching some Additional Coverage Programs (Riders) to Manulife Lifestyle Protector, namely:

  • Payor Benefit
    A rider which affords waiving of premiums due from premium payer (payor) on the instance where the payor is totally disabled.
  • Manulife Medicare Plus (MMP) or HealthSafe (HS)
    Is a rider program that provides inpatient reimbursement that caused by illness and accidents. With affordable premium and can be attached with cashless facility which is supported by hospital provider networks throughout Indonesia.
  • Manulife Crisis Cover (MCC)
    A rider that offers benefit should the insured is diagnosed with any of the 56 critical illnesses.
  • Accidental Death and Disability Benefit (ADDB) 
    Is a rider program that provides protection for life or total permanent disability and partly caused by the accident. ADDB is yearly coverage that can be renewed without the re-underwriting until 70 years old.
  • Advanced Life Protection (ALP)
    A rider which provides death benefit with an option on term for premium payment.
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