Financial solution for your golden age

MiGolden Retirement

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Everyone will go through retirement eventually. It’s a period where you can finally realize all of your postponed dreams, such as extraordinary vacation or focusing on your hobby. Those dreams will come true when you have enough fund in your pension deposit.

The question is – do you have enough?

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Manulife Indonesia offers MiGolden Retirement as one of its pension program, a pension fund management program designed to optimize your retirement financial preparation.

MiGolden Retirement benefits:

  1. Tax Saving, in correspondence to Undang-Undang (Regulation) No. 36 in 2008 about income tax (contact your tax consultant for further explanation)
  2. Investment Tax Saving

Available Retirement Benefits:

  1. Normal Retirement Benefit: minimum age of 40 years
  2. Early Retirement Benefit Period: 10 years earlier from selected retirement age
  3. Disability Retirement Benefits*: Participants declared disabled by doctors and approved by the pension Fund program provider.
  4. Retirement Death Benefit: subject to The eligible party**  as beneficiary

* Disability refers to a total permanent disability that prevents someone from being able to work  in the same capacity he or she had before the injury to earn a living based on his or her educational background, skills and experiences.

** The eligible party is the widow/widower, child(ren), or the designated party (if the participant is not married or has no children).

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