Manulife Karyawan SejahteraPlus (MKSPlus)

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Manulife Indonesia offers Manulife Karyawan SejahteraPlus (MKSPlus), a Life Insurance program with investment oriented which is designed to create a sense of security, tranquility at work, increase the loyalty and improve the performance of  Your Key Persons.

MKSPluscan be planned accordance to Your Company needed, as an additional retirement benefits for Your key Persons or can be provided as a bonus, which the payment benefits can be taken at a certain period, according to Your choice.

The Eminence of MKSPlus:

  1. Get the protection with free premium1.
  2. Making cash flow company even better.
  3. Flexibility Program (can be done by the company or on behalf of the Key Persons).
  4. Benefits can be paid all at once/lumpsum.
  5. Creates a sense of security and tranquility at work for Key Persons.
  6. Increase the loyalty of Key Persons.

[1] One of the benefits offered in MKSPlusis the availability of free coverage if the employee dies, it is equal to the minimum Rp7,500,000, - or 5 (five) times Annualized Premium, which is the maximum that can be paid Rp60.000.000, - per employee.

Program Benefits for Employee:

  1. Maturity Benefit
  2. Cash Fund Benefit
  3. Death Benefit

The Age requirement for the Participant:

(a)The Minimum Age and status of the Participant at the commencement of insurance is 15 (fifteen) years of age or the Participant is married.

(b)The Maximum Age of the Participant at the commencement of insurance is 70 (seventy) years of age.

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