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Premium Payment Guide

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Important to be attentive

  1. Note the type of insurance product you, Manulife non unit-linked (traditional) or Manulife unitlink (investment).
  2. Unit-linked policy premium payment shall be made ​​by bank transfer, bank deposit or auto debit to credit cards.
  3. Premium payment transactions through banking facility will be recognized as the receipt of payment, after the funds are received in the account of PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia.
  4. Each premium payment made through bank transactions Receipts will be sent to the address Premiums Policyholder.
  5. Contact Manulife Customer Contact Center at (021) 25557777 (from within the Jakarta area code) or Toll Free: 0-800-1-606060 (especially for areas outside Jakarta area code) for confirmation of your policy premium payments.

Pay premium of your policy to a bank account / n PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia.

Policy premium payment can be done through :

    For Credit Card holders can apply Auto Debit Credit Card by filling out a Power of Attorney debit credit card.
    For those of you who have a BCA account by filling out a Power of Attorney Debiting Bank Account.
  2. ATM
    Can be done through ATM :
    • ATM BCA , through the menu "Payments"
    • ATM Permata, through the menu "Payments" ,
    • Shared ATM networks, through the "Transfer",
    • ALTO ATM network, via the "Transfer",
    • Prima ATM network, via the menu "Transfer",
  4. TRANSFER / cash deposit at the counter BCA, Bank and Citibank.
  5. Virtual Account BCA-Manulife  

Payment Through Bank 

For BCA account holder, to provide convenience in the payment of policy premiums, PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia cooperate with BCA, providing excellent service to only accept cash deposit / transfer / ATM / Internet Banking of Bank BCA

Payments denominated in rupiah (IDR), addressed to:

    1. BANK DEPOSIT ( Teller / Counter BCA ).
      Payment Currency Rupiah (IDR) can be done by way of a cash deposit or
      transfers between accounts at the counter / teller Bank stating the account number Virtual Account is intended to:
      PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia
      BCA bank branch Cikini
      Rec. No.888999+Policy Number (Unitlink)
       888777+Policy Number (Non Unitlink)
       888333+Policy Number (Syariah)
    2. - KLIK BCA
      1. Access website BCA in
      2. Click the button "LOGIN" to INDIVIDUAL
      3. Enter your User Id and PIN and click the button "LOGIN"
      4. Select the "Transfer Funds", select the "Transfer to BCA Virtual Account"
      5. Enter the "Virtual Account Numbers" example: + 888 777 policy number, typed 8887774211555666, "CONTINUE"
      6. The menu will display a confirmation of account numbers, virtual account number, name
        policyholders, product names, premiums and the amount of the bill.
      7. Enter the "Number of Transfers", if it is appropriate, select "CONTINUE"
      8. Enter KeyBCA Response (Appli1) and click the "Submit"
      9. Continue completion of the transaction as instructed Click BCA
    Premium Payment can be done via ATM BCA in the menu PAYMENT, INSURANCE, MANULIFE 
    With a choice of payment code :
    1001 > Premium Payment
    2001 > Premium Payment Policy Changes
    3001 > Payment TOP UP
    4001 > Loan Payment Polis
    5001 > Premium Payment and Top Up Policy Sharia
    6001 > Print Fee Payment Policy / Policy Holder Card

    Payer shall pay + input code policy number in the menu.

    Follow the steps as follows :
    1. Choose menu "OTHER TRANSACTIONS" 2. Select the "PAYMENT"
    3. Select the "NEXT SCREEN" 4. Choose menu "INSURANCE"
    5. Choose menu "MANULIFE" 6.Enter Pay Code Policy Number,example for premium payments: 10014211555666
    7. Enter the amount of payment 8.ATM menu will display a confirmation of payments made
    9. Payment confirmation will be obtained by the Paying  
     Save Payment Confirmation of ATM BCA as proof of your policy premium payments. ***
    • Effective date of March 1, 2012 payment to BCA account 3053053056 and Open Payment  3053013011 closed.
    • Pay premiums through Virtual Account Online Payment Account or ATM BCA.
    One more easy that you can use, namely through Auto Debit facility BCA account; much easier, safer and comfortable!
    How to sctivate this facility, you can simply fill:
    BCA account you will be automatically debited for the payment of premium to Manulife.
    Your policy will continue to be active in order to protect the family, without the need to remember the due date of your premium payment.
    For payment by wire transfer, check / demand deposits of other banks in addition to the BCA, you can make a payment to one of our Rupiah account in the Bank.
1.For premium payment made ​​through the bank, the customer will receive Admission Notice Premiums.  
2.For information on your premium payments, contact Manulife Customer Contact Center at (021) 2555 7777 (for Jakarta) or toll free: 0-800-1-606060 (for outside Jakarta).
3.Submit proof of transfer / ATM receipt / proof of payment with the BCA CLICK include the policy number and your phone via fax to (021) 2555 2210 or (021) 2555 2211, UP: Billing Collection transfer team, no more than 2 working days from the date of premium payment.

 * Terms and conditions may change from time to time in accordance with the regulations of PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia . 

Pembayaran Melalui PermataBank 

To facilitate payment of policy premiums, PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia in collaboration with the Bank through a virtual account account, Manulife V-Pay, providing reception services cash deposit / transfer / Bank ATMs of all who entered the ATM Bersama, ALTO, and Prima.  Payments denominated in rupiah (IDR), is intended to :
PermataBank cab, Sampoerna Strategic Square a / n PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia Apply for a new policy premium payments (New Business) and premium policy matures (Renewal)

ProductAccount Account Number Manulife V-Pay
Transfer - Deposit at Bank Counters or Other BanksATM PermataBankOther Bank ATM
Non unitlink / Traditional888777policynumber887888777policynumber013888777policynumber
  1. Through Cash Deposit
    in counter PermataBank / Bank BCA addition, see-Transfer column in Loket Bank Deposit or Bank Other
  2. Through PermataBank ATM
    with the following steps :
    1. Insert ATM card at an ATM machine
    2. Enter your PIN number
    3. Select the "Other Transactions"
    4. Select the "Payment"
    5. Select the "Insurance"
    6. See prefix codes Manulife Insurance Non-UL "887", Manulife UL "889" and Sharia "883"
    7. Type the code prefix followed by the account number Manulife V-Pay
  3. Through Other Bank ATM 
    incorporated in the ATM Bersama, ATM and ATM PRIMA ALTO,
    with the following steps :
    1. Insert ATM card at an ATM machine
    2. Enter your PIN number
    3. Select the "Transfer"
    4. Select the "Transfer between Bank" or "Bank Rec Into Another"
    5. Bank type the code "013" (Bank Code) *
    6. Enter the amount of payment
    7. Enter the account number Manulife V-Pay

* Code 013 typewritten if at the ATM machine there PermataBank menu, if there had been no need to type PermataBank menu code 013

Example : Policy Number 4251112233 , Unitlink Product;

  1. Transfer payments through the counter-Deposit Bank or other banks
    Account number ? 8889994251112233
  2. Payment through PermataBank ATM
    Account Number ? 8898889994251112233
  3. Payment through other bank ATM
    Account number ? 0138889994251112233*

For John Hancock policy with policy number is less than 10 digits. At the back of the policy number, add the digits 0 to 10 digit policy number totaled .

Example :
Policy number 2524 - unit-linked products, through transfer payments in the counter-Deposit Bank or other bank with account number : 8889992524000000 

Payment in UNITED STATES CURRENCY DOLLAR (USD), addressed to: PermataBank branch Sampoerna Strategic Square a/n PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia 

Account NumberTransferTransfer
300 300 3131vv

Apply for a new policy premium payments and premium policy matures / renewal

Please be attentive when making a cash deposit paper dollars / Bank Note

  1. Must include the policy number, policyholder name and phone number purveyor
  2. Conditions Dollar banknotes in good condition, not bent, there is no stamp money changer, there is no graffiti / writing
  3. Dollar banknote serial code received is H
  4. For small fractional dollar banknotes under $ 100, can be deposited into a virtual account Manulife V-Pay account using the exchange rate PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia at the time of payment of premiums.
  5. Free of charge deposited for paper dollars cash deposit / Bank Note at PermataBank counters

Transfer to the transaction, administrative fees charged by the Bank to Bank Recipients sender is the responsibility of the policyholder.Write down the "Full Amount Guarantee" every time you make a transfer transaction, so that the amount paid by the Bank to the sender can be received full amount in the account of Beneficiary Bank.

Payment through Citibank

For new policy premiums and policy maturity / renewal, PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia in cooperation with Citibank.Payments denominated in rupiah (IDR), is intended to :Citibank branch Bapindo - Sudirman a / n PT Asuransi Jiwa Manulife Indonesia

  • Cash payments can only be made through Citibank booth cab Bapindo - Sudirman
  • Must include the policy number, policyholder name and phone number purveyor
ProductAccount Number Transfer Cash Internet Banking
Non Unitlink/Traditional0102 749 022vvv
UnitLink0102 749 111vvv

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