FAQ Individu Insurance

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  1. What does Manulife Indonesia provide?
    Manulife Indonesia provides life insurance and combinations of investment and life insurance, namely protection programs in the form of economic risk diversion on the death and life of the insured. Insurance is needed to keep economic needs fulfilled should a risk happen to a breadwinner during productive period, or to prepare for a happy and prosperous retirement.
  2. What do I do to keep my policy in force, and what are the consequences should premium payment come to a halt?
    To keep policy in force, you should pay your premium on time. If premium payment comes to a halt, the following conditions might apply:
    • If policy is yet to have a cash value, the policy will be cancelled.
    • If policy already has enough cash value, the following premium payment dispensations might apply:
      • Premium payment is taken from cash value, which is known as Automatic Premium Loan, and policy will still be in force.
      • Policy is still in force and becomes Reduced Paid Up with insurance advantages decreasing (contact your agent or costumer service officers for more information)
  3. What if premium payment has passed grace period?
    It depends on the criteria of your policy.
  4. Can policy ownership be transferred to another party?
    Policy ownership can be transferred to another party in accordance with applied terms and conditions, and approved by the Insurer. The Insured’s policy cannot be transferred to another party.
  5. Who will be entitled to insurance benefits should the Insured pass away?
    The appointed party (beneficiary) in the policy – unless otherwise stated – is entitled to insurance benefits in the event of the Insured’s death.
  6. Who can be beneficiary?
    Any party that with insurable interests with the Insured.
  7. What are the premium paying methods?
    Premium payment can be done through the following methods:
    • BCA ATM and all ATM’s carrying the logos “ATM BERSAMA”, “ALTO” and “PRIMA”
    • Credit cards (Visa & Mastercard) and BCA Card
    • Bank transfer to our BCA account or Permata Bank Virtual Account (which accepts payments from all banks within the ATM BERSAMA, ALTO and PRIMA networks)
    • Payment counters across Manulife Indonesia marketing division.
    • Manulife’s BCA Virtual Account
  8. What to do should policy be damaged or disappear due to an earthquake, fire or other disasters?
    If your policy is missing, report it immediately to the Manulife head office or the nearest Manulife Indonesia sales representative office. Bring along a missing policy statement with a duty stamp on. If your policy is damaged or missing due to a natural disaster or fire, report it immediately to our head office or nearest sales representative, carrying with you a letter from your regent about said disaster. Our costumer service staff will help you to issue a duplicate policy with a fee.
  9. Who can I contact in regards to my policy at Manulife Indonesia?
    Insurance agent/financial service of our partner banks or Manulife Costumer Contact Center at Manulife Indonsia at (021) 2555 7777

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