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Busyness of the world of work often takes time, energy and attention. So busy that professionals in the work environment is very likely to experience burnout because after all humans have filled his soul with spiritual matters. 

PD Love is a prayer fellowship of prayer, struggle and desire to serve the spiritual and Christian professionals make a channel of blessing for others wherever they are, and especially in the workplace. Love Funding PD activities conducted independently of its members who are burdened to help the implementation of the program of activities organized by the Board.

In accordance with its essence as a spiritual service containers "of employees, by employees, with the employees, to all people," the fellowship is to unite all fellow believers regardless of denomination to walk, work, build bridges of communication and develop services based on the word of God.



Formed in March 1990 in its development activities and services include PD Love :

* Implementation of Worship every Friday 

* Bible Study every Wednesday

* Prayer together every Thursday

* Spiritual ministry through the article 'Reflections of Love' every day

Social activities with a visit to the orphanage, nursing home, foster parents program Donors & support shelter home and share the blessings of the poor families, and affected others. 

Development of the above services occurs because PD Love has another vision of the community that serve, sustain, protect and bless all the appropriate Christ's Great Commission.

"Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.”

Mat. 5:16