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Majelis Taklim Manulife Indonesia

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Due to the company’s growth and the need to provide enlightenment of Islamic values to its believers, the Majelis Taklim Manulife Indonesia (MT-MI) was officially established on 12 February 1991. The members of the MT-MI are both employees and agents of Manulife Indonesia at headquarter office and branch offices.

In the early establishment of MT-MI, the activities that have been conducted were reading of the Koran, public lecture, breaking the fast, gathering, donation for orphans or decrepit and slaughtering animals on the celebration of Eid al-Adha. Other social activities that frequently carried out were providing aid to the victims of disaster such as flood or fire, and donations to other social organizations.

Besides participated in providing education for the children, the MT-MI is also participated in providing subsidies to teachers in an Islamic school in Pondok Tisuk, Sukabumi.

The activities are now evolving for example conducted communal Zuhur prayer followed by religious lecture in each month of Ramadhan. In the end of Ramadhan month, the MT-MI also provides aid or Lebaran package to people who live around the office. Since two years ago, the MT-MI has been regularly conducted communal Friday prayer in Mushala “SURAU KITA” that located in Manulife Indonesia headquarter office at P1 Sampoerna Strategic Square. The Friday prayer is not only participated by Manulife Indonesia employees but also other employees coming from other companies in Sampoerna Strategic Square area. In selecting the khotib Friday prayer, the MT-MI cooperates with:

  1. Sunda Kelapa Dakwah Institute
  2. Muhammadiyah Missionary Corps
  3. Dakwah Islamiyah Indonesia Council
  4. Khairu Ummah Study and Development Istitute (LPPD)
  5. Daarut Tauhid

Collaborates with the Cooperative, the employees of Manulife Indonesia have Saving Qurban (TQ) program. The program is expected to help the employees who are committed to make qurban in celebrating Idul Adha by having monthly saving. Approaching the d-day of Idul Adha, the depositor will be informed about the balance of their savings. If the balance cannot afford for a goat, the depositor will be asked to fulfill the deficit. The employees can choose the location of recipients of the qurban according to the list given by the committee. For those who are willing to conduct the qurban at home, the money will be given to the saver. 


The MT-MI has already conducted two daurah activities. The first activity was participated by the board only while the second one was opened for public participation. The activities were conducted in Bogor. The themes of the activities were Devout Prayer and Heritage.